Are Night Owls More Likely to Have Cavities?

Do you stay awake late? Some people are just night owls. Night owls tend to be more alert in the evening as opposed to their morning people counterparts. While there is nothing wrong with being a night-person, a study done at Delarna University in Sweden, which was published in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene, found that night owls were more likely to have cavities. The study, titled “Do Adolescents who are night owls have a higher risk of dental caries? A case-control study” regarded the bedtimes of 200 teenagers (ages 15-16) in tandem with their oral health habits. The group of teens were split up into 3 groups: Night Owls (tired in the morning but alert at night), Morning People (alert in the mornings but tired at night), and neutral types (neither overly tired in the morning or evening). The study indicated a strong correlation between circadian rhythms and cavity risk. Research concluded the risk for cavities was four times higher for the night types than their early-rising opposites. What was the reason for the heightened risk of cavities? The researchers found that morning people, as well as the neutral types were more likely to eat breakfast and practice good oral health by brushing twice daily. Two habits night owls performed less frequently. So if you are a night owl, do not fret. However, remember, just because you plan on staying up later does not mean you should wait to brush your teeth. You may also want to factor in your early morning drowsiness and look into either breakfast that can be prepared quickly and with little effort, or breakfasts that can be prepared the evening before! Good eating and brushing habits are paramount to a healthy mouth. Regardless of your bedtime, make sure to make time for oral health! Make sure to see your dentist regularly for check-ups! Call (604) 566-7777 to book an appointment with us today!

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