Extraction of Teeth

An extraction means that you have your tooth removed, usually because there is too much damage to the tooth because of disease (such as decay), or trauma. Sometimes the dentist recommends extractions because of crowding, or when the tooth is loose and cannot be repaired. Your dentist recommends extractions of wisdom teeth if they are decayed, cause pain, or if they have a cyst or infection. If your wisdom teeth are stuck in the gum (impacted), the dentist may recommend extraction if they irritate the gum and cause pain and swelling. Your dentist will take an X-ray of the area to help plan the best way to remove the tooth. If you have an infection in or around the tooth, the dentist may recommend antibiotics before or after the extraction. The extraction is performed in the dental office, with local freezing around the tooth. If you feel very anxious, consult with your dentist before the extraction of additional options.


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