Dental Plans: A Confusing Benefit

Dental plans are not insurance in the true sense of the word. In auto insurance or home insurance, the client pays a premium in exchange for blanket coverage in the event of losses or expenses.
Dental plans, unlike car or home insurance, offer benefits which provide a limited allowance towards funding dental care costs. That said dental benefits are still useful and valuable.
A narrow dental benefit plan can frustrate some clients as treatment plans suggested by dentists are based on clinical judgment, not dental plans, and can end up costing more than expected. Trust that your dentist is suggesting treatments based on your specific care needs.

How Does Shen Dental Help?

Communication with your dental plan provider is often complex, and dental offices are limited due to the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). In order to allow our office contact with your dental plan provider, we kindly ask you to sign a release form.

At Shen Dental, we make an effort to communicate with your dental plan managers and save you time and energy in doing so. However, there are cases in which we are not allowed to do so, and it will be up to you to make the phone call.

In addition, we are an assignment dental office –this will also save you energy and stress! We encourage you to register an online account with your dental plan provider for easy access to information pertaining to your plan.

Assignment vs. Non-Assignment Dental Offices

In a Non-Assignment Office, the client is responsible for paying the full cost of treatment at the time it is provided. With a Non-Assignment office, you pay for the full service, and are then reimbursed by your dental plan provider by check in the mail, or a transfer to your bank account.
Non-assignment offices will assist you by providing a completed dental claim form. However, although some offices will submit it for you, generally you are in charge of submitting the form to the dental plan provider for reimbursement as well as providing any clarification required for your treatment.

At an Assignment Dental Office the dental plan provider pays the dental office directly for the percentage of the cost covered and the patient is responsible only for the co-payment when treatment is provided.

As a service to patients, Shen Dental accepts assignment of benefits.
The first step is that you, our client, has to agree that your dental plan provider pay the dental office directly by signing a release form. Then, at the time of treatment, we communicate directly with the dental plan providers and the payment for the treatment is assigned to our office.

You are still responsible for paying the co-payment (the client’s portion of the cost of care) when treatment is provided. At the time of your treatment, we estimate the portion not expected to be paid by your dental plan provider and charge you. Unfortunately, sometimes the dental plan pays less (or more) than was estimated and we will ask you to pay the difference later.

Note that in all circumstances, you are responsible for any costs not covered by your dental plan.

It is important to us that our environment is a trustworthy and relaxing one. If you have any more questions about how we function as an Assignment Dental Office, do not hesitate to ask!


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