What is Hyperdontia?

Hyperdontia is an oral condition where extra teeth grow within the mouth, often referred to as supernumerary teeth. While Hyperdontia can affect anyone of any age, gender, or ethnicity, it remains common among children born with Down Syndrome.
The correct number of teeth within the mouth is twenty deciduous teeth (baby teeth), and thirty-two permanent teeth (adult teeth). With Hyperdontia, more teeth develop within the mouth even if they never erupt from the gums.

Most commonly in adults, Hyperdontia occurs with only one extra tooth – they may not even be aware they have Hyperdontia as they would have had the regular amount of baby teeth.

Still, Hyperdontia is associated with some risks regardless of how many extra teeth grow:

  • Dental Crowding
  • Prevention of adult teeth erupting
  • Fusing with permanent teeth
  • Formation of Tumor or cyst
  • Prone to decay and cavities


Presently, researchers believe that the two main causes of Hyperdontia are tied to a genetic factors as well as environmental causes.
Other causes include the formation of supernumerary teeth as a result of the splitting of a tooth bud during infancy.


It is important to catch Hyperdontia early on in childhood in order to prevent further problems. Generally, if extra natal teeth are found, they do not require extraction unless they are loose and may present a risk for choking. However, at times natal teeth must be removed so that they do not cause problems for erupting supernumerary adult teeth.
In adult teeth, often it is decided that the extra teeth should be extracted. If this is the case, it will be done under local or general anesthesia.

Subsequently, the extraction of the supernumerary teeth may have some complications. If extra teeth were extracted in order to make room for adult teeth, the dentist will have to make sure that the extracted space is big enough. It is possible that the dentist will have to resort to orthodontics to ensure the teeth are properly aligned.
As well, if the supernumerary teeth that require extraction have fused with the other adult teeth, this will require endodontic treatment to prevent chewing issues, misalignment, or crowding.

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