Let’s go for a Hike!

Shen Dental believes in taking care of your body as well as you teeth. One of our favourite ways to get exercise is by hiking.
Hiking is a wonderful way to stay active and get fresh air, all while exploring the place you live.
While hiking, it is imperative you take care of yourself. This means going at your own pace, drinking plenty of water, and keeping hearty snacks on hand so you can keep your energy up (especially if it’s hot outside)!

One of our preferred snacks for hiking is classic trail mix!
While you may be tempted to bring along all sorts of goodies, you’ll find that trail mix is delicious and not too different from candy! However, just because trail mix contains lots of natural, bite-sized bits doesn’t mean it isn’t harmful.
Favourite additives in trail mix include dried fruit and coated nuts. The mixture is often very sticky (also making it very yummy), and therefor hard to brush off of your teeth!
Most people think that making a healthier snack choice will not affect their teeth as much as say, chocolate or other candies. This is incorrect. Dried fruit contains a lot of sugar and acid. As we know, sugary and acidic foods lead to higher probability of cavities since they remain on the teeth longer.

Two tips we have for you:
1. If you choose to put dried fruit in your trail mix make sure to rinse your mouth with water, as well as brush and floss carefully!
2. Hard nuts and other bits included in trail mix can be hard! Be careful while biting down so that you don’t end up with a chipped tooth!

Now, besides snacks, what do we have to tell you about hikes? Well, Dr. Fisher has three favorite hikes!

1. Quarry Rock

Quarry Rock is a relatively easy hike and a great way to spend a couple hours with family or friends. Not to mention the beautiful viewpoints of Indian Arm and the mountains around Belcarra!

2. Stanley Park Seawall

Walking, jogging, or biking the Stanley Park Seawall is the perfect way to get to know Vancouver. From Downtown to Kitsilano, you will see the diverse areas of Vancouver, and enjoy the great views and places to stop along the way! The Seawall is quite long, so take on a full day of the outdoors, or explore for however long suits you.

3. Garry Point Park

If you haven’t been to Steveston Village yet, it is worth checking out! The village itself is lovely with the waterfront and the cute cafes and restaurants to explore. Garry Point, however, is a fantastic relaxed hike. Our favourite spot along the way is Britannia Shipyard! We also recommend taking this walk around sunset or evening – so beautiful!

If you have any other hiking recommendations, let us know next time you come into the Office! Also don’t forget to drink plenty of water and take special care your teeth after enjoying some trail mix!


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