Tooth Art

Teeth are strong and enduring. For most of us, we prefer to keep them in our mouths. However, there is a niche culture: Teeth in Art.
It may sound odd to the average, non-tooth-loving person. As a Dentist, this is pretty cool!
Many people have no issue wearing a shark’s tooth around their neck. In fact, it’s cool, like wearing puka shells.
Human teeth though? Most people would never dream about wearing jewelry made out of human teeth. Maybe this Tooth Art will change your mind:

Tooth Tattoos

Yes, this is a thing. People are getting tattoos on their teeth! Have no fear, they can be removed, painlessly and quick.
You can get a tooth tattoo by applying custom hand-painted “tattoos” on a porcelain crown that is put on your tooth. As well, as like we said, the “tattoo” can be removed in the dentist’s office in 5 minutes. No big deal.
You can get anything painted on a tooth from a picture of your child to a Panda Bear.
The best part? No one can see it unless you decide to share your artwork!
Find them at:

Tooth Sculpture

Some are having lots of fun creating sculptures of teeth! These aren’t just clay molded into the shape of teeth, no. These are anatomically correct mouths and teeth with little figurines cleaning or working on them!
Not only are the dental molds educational, but they are quirky and cute.
Find them at:

Wearable Tooth Jewelry

This kind of tooth jewelry is not like what you’re picturing. Some companies have created designs and processes to make teeth look beautiful.
Looking almost like freshwater pearls, or elevated gold and silver designs, teeth jewelry is completely unique.
Find them at:

Tooth Jewelry by Shen Dental!

For years now many people have had dentists implant diamonds in their teeth! Unlike “Grillz”, diamond implants in the teeth are small and not as ostentatious.

Dr. Fisher has years of experience not only making teeth healthy, but also making them shine brighter with Tooth Jewelry!
The diamonds are usually implanted in one of the canines so that when you smile, your smile shines brighter, with a little twinkle of course.
The diamond can also be removed at any time by Dr. Fisher without any damage done to the teeth.

Call today for an appointment to start smiling brighter with Tooth Jewelry!


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