Triclosan… Yet Again

In an earlier post we wrote about why you should avoid using toothpastes that contain Triclosan. Need a refresher?

What is Triclosan?

Triclosan is a common ingredient found in many consumer products used to reduce, or prevent, bacterial contamination – such as toothpaste reducing bacteria in your mouth. Other products that you can find Triclosan in include soaps, body wash, and some cosmetics.

What’s the news on Triclosan?

It was only last month that this ingredient was discussed yet again by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The discussion resulted in the decision to ban Triclosan from commercial soaps. However, consumers who heard wind of this decision were horrified that the FDA have not banned Triclosan from toothpaste! We can see where they’re coming from. If it’s not safe enough to wash your hands with, why would you want to be putting it in your mouth?

Why is Triclosan bad for you?

What’s the problem with Triclosan? Studies are showing that Triclosan can be extremely detrimental to health. The most worrisome fact? Triclosan was first registered as a Pesticide. We suggest checking the list of ingredients on your Toothpaste package tonight and changing brands if this is chemical is found to be present in your Toothpaste. You wouldn’t want to wash your hands in a pesticide, would you want to wash your mouth with it?

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