Lesson 5: Fluoride and Your Teeth

One of the ingredients in our toothpaste is Fluoride! Fluoride is also found in our water. We use Fluoride to keep our teeth healthy and strong.

Before the discovery of fluoride, people used to use all sorts of yucky mixtures to keep their teeth clean like:

  • Chalk and charcoal
  • Ashes
  • Lemon juice

Lucky for us, we now have lots of choices to choose from when it comes to toothpaste. Fresh, minty flavours are favoured by most, but there is also toothpaste made just for kids that don’t taste as strong!


Fluoride is a natural element that can be found in the earth, air and water. Scientists discovered a long time ago that children who drank water that had a higher amount of fluoride in it had healthier teeth and fewer cavities!

Fluoride mixes with tooth enamel to prevent tooth decay. It also mixes with your saliva to protect your teeth from bacteria that would otherwise stick to your teeth such as plaque and sugar.


As we mentioned, Fluoride is found in your toothpaste, and sometimes in your drinking water! In addition to brushing your teeth, you may find you need more fluoride. If this happens, your dentist may suggest a mouthwash or even a supplement (a vitamin containing fluoride).


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