Lesson 7: Healthy Food Health Teeth

While brushing daily is crucial to healthy teeth, there are other things you can do to keep your teeth strong!

Eating well and choosing the right foods is a big step in the right direction to maintaining your white chompers!

*Please also note that self-flossing is not recommended before the age of 10 due to the lack of manual dexterity. Make sure to help your kids develop good Oral Health habits by flossing with them daily.


We need all the major food groups in order for our bodies to grow and stay strong! This includes our teeth!

When we eat too much sugar or carbohydrates (like bread), all of the bacteria we are eating gets stuck to our teeth. When this bacteria remains on our teeth for too long they cause decay which can be painful.

Decay in baby teeth can also damage the adult teeth underneath them if not treated. So make sure to brush consistently and floss every day!


You should continue to eat all the food groups! Just keep in mind moderation.

A few tips include:

  • When it comes to sugary foods (juices, sweets, pastries) or sticky foods (gum, raisins, granola bars, or jelly beans), keep it to a minimum. Also, try to consume these types of foods with a meal instead of as a snack, and always brush or swish water following!
  • Fruits and Vegetables are good choices when it comes to snacks! Try to choose fruits or veggies that contain more water like pears, melon, celery, or cucumbers. The water helps the mouth move the sugars out of the mouth to be digested instead of just sticking to the teeth! If you prefer snacks like bananas, try to brush following.
  • Eat Calcium rich foods! Calcium helps build strong bones and teeth. Milk, broccoli, and yogurt all contain calcium!
  • Drink lots of Water! Choosing water instead of juices or sodas not only keeps you hydrated but also helps wash away food particles in your mouth!

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