Why Regular Dental Visits Matter?

Contradictory to popular belief, your oral health is not just about making your teeth look nice. As an experienced dentist I am uniquely qualified to recognize signs of oral diseases as well as other diseases whose symptoms appear in the mouth.

Now, you go for yearly physicals, right? Do you also go to your dentist for a yearly dental checkup?

Regular visits to the dentist can help prevent serious, and painful health problems early on. If caught early, the treatment is likely to be less intrusive, and more affordable. If you wait, chances are something worse can result.

What issues are we talking about?

The 2 main health concerns dentists look for are:

Gum Disease
Signs of gum disease include red, sore, puffy gums, and bad breath. Your gums may even bleed when you brush or floss.
Our mouths are full of bacteria. This bacterium, combined with the plaque on your teeth can result in serious damage to your mouth if left untreated.

While daily brushing and flossing help get rid of plaque, we’re not perfect. Plaque that hardens results in tartar build-up, which can only be removed by a dentist. If left untreated, tartar build-up causes tooth decay which can lead to pain, abscesses, and may result in the tooth having to be pulled out completely. Tartar build– up can also lead to gingivitis (a mild form of gum disease).

If Gingivitis is not treated, it leads to “Periodontitis”, a much more serious form of gum disease. In this case, bacteria begin to form below the gum line and can get serious enough that teeth can become loose and will have to be removed. Not so fun, huh?

Oral Cancer
Signs of oral cancer include non-painful ulcers, changes in taste, lumps or changes in the colour of mouth tissue, and white or red patches in your mouth or on your lips or tongue.
To help prevent oral cancer, dental exams are a very good idea to maintain a healthy mouth, and remember to ask about oral cancer screenings.

Don’t wait, Take Action!

As your dentist, I consider it my top priority to provide the best dental care possible whilst ensuring that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

When you book an X-ray, Cleaning, and Check-Up Package this month, and show up for that appointment, we will give you a $20 Starbucks Gift Card. As a bonus, we will also enter you in a draw to win an Oral B Electric toothbrush.

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