It’s Your Party, You can Drink (And Eat) if You Want to

Time to break out your Cheese Plate and Glassware since now you know having a wine and some cubes of cheese are good for your oral health. While we’ve been supporters of healthy snacks like cheese for a while since it helps maintain strong teeth, there are studies emerging that show wine may not be detrimental to your teeth either! Researchers are saying that wine fights cavities too! Antioxidants present in grape seed extract in red wine gets rid of dental disease-causing bacteria in a study done in lab setting. So pour yourself a glass of red and settle in for the night!

How does eating cheese keep my teeth health?

First off, Dairy products like yogurt, or cheese, help your mouth by increasing the amount of saliva production, which breaks down food particles and helps keep your teeth clean! Studies have also found that alkali found in cheese neutralizes acid behind by other foods. Cheeses like cheddar are best, containing more alkali than soft cheese like brie or feta. Besides being able to rationalize eating all the Mac n’ Cheese, dairy’s ability to lower the pH level in your mouth is good news for wine and cheese pairings! While cheese is basic, wine is very acidic, so enjoying some cheese while drinking your wine helps to reverse the negative effects of wine on your teeth!

How is drinking wine good for my teeth (not that we’re complaining)?

A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reported that red wine inhibited the growth of bacteria on teeth. Research noted that while red wine could protect teeth against decay, white wine was shown to be detrimental to dental health. How does red wine help your teeth? Well, a certain compound found in red wine, fermented grape stems, seeds, and skins help to inhibit the growth of the bacteria streptococcus mutans, which makes glucans that allow sugars to stick to our teeth and cause decay. The compound found in red wine inhibits bacteria from breaking down in to glucans, so that instead “good bacteria” can thrive. The Perfect Party Combination… Now you know that red wine discourages tooth decay and dental carries, the cheese you eat with your glass of vino will counteract the acidity of the wine! Do remember… Wine contains lots of sugar (hello hangover) and cheese particles can definitely get stuck between your teeth. So drink plenty of water, and do floss and brush before going to bed!

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