Morning Breath

Morning breath is a universal problem. Many people who experience it feel as though it’s their fault
Here the deal though: Morning breath occurs due to the lack of saliva produced in the mouth while sleeping.
The production of saliva slows down in your mouth for a reason while you sleep. If saliva were to generate at the same rate while you sleep as while you were awake, you would either have to swallow constantly, or you would lose a lot of fluid as it escaped your body for the 8 (okay let’s be honest, 6) hours you rest every night.
So you can see why the slowing of saliva production is actually important to your ability to rest.

Why do we need saliva in the first place?

Well, saliva is your mouth’s first defence line against bacteria. The enzymes in your saliva reduce or kill bacterial growth in your mouth; which leaves us with one question…

Why does the lack of saliva result in Morning Breath?

During sleep, bacteria flourish in the mouth as a result of the missing presence of saliva. The Result? Morning Breath.
Other factors that can exacerbate the production of bacteria in the mouth are Sleep Apnea as well as snoring. This is because both disorders include breathing through the mouth as opposed to the nose, which causes the mouth to become even drier and produce more bacteria.

How can you prevent Morning Breath?

Unfortunately, there is no real cure for morning breath. However, good oral health can help. Brushing and flossing before going to bed as well as scraping the tongue will aid. Going to bed with a clean mouth reduces the production potential of bacteria in your mouth while you sleep.
However, Bad Breath “Halitosis” is a chronic condition of bad breath. If you think you have Chronic Halitosis, which is a different entity than “Morning Breath”, you should consult your dentist who can be addressed address this issue.

If you have any questions about Morning Breath and best practices to help minimize it, call Shen at (604) 566-7777. We are always happy to talk about teeth and your personal dentistry needs!


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