Pregnancy and Dentistry: Part 2

We’ve written before on Tips for maintaining good oral health during pregnancy, but just so we’ve covered everything here are some of the physical changes to watch out for.

Just because a woman is pregnant does not mean she should stop taking care of her teeth. Being pregnant is a perfectly normal state of being and, as long as the comfort of the pregnant woman is taken into account, there are no challenges that would deter a dentist from providing dental care.

While going to the dentist when pregnant is absolutely safe for the mother and the fetus, there are a few factors of pregnancy to keep in mind:

Physical Changes to Watch Out For:

Blood Flow: Changes in blood flow, or decreased blood pressure during pregnancy may cause fainting when changing positions.

Discomfort: Prolonged periods of laying back may be extremely uncomfortable for pregnant women.

Decreased Blood-Clotting: Some pregnant women experience a decrease in blood-clotting, which may result in more bleeding during dental treatments

Immune System: A change in the immune system, such as increased white blood cell count, during pregnancy can increase the risk of infection.

Dental Care Tips for Pregnant Women:

Second Trimester: Dentists recommend that the ideal time for a pregnant woman to receive dental care is during her second trimester.

Increased Appetite and Cravings: The need for sugar during pregnancy may cause an imbalanced diet. It is more important than ever to maintain brushing and flossing to prevent cavities and decay.

Morning Sickness: Vomiting can cause decay because of the acid that can stick to your teeth. Make sure to maintain good oral hygiene to prevent cavities.


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